American Legion Post 305,
Caledonia, Mi.
9546 Cherry Valley
Telephone Number 616-891-1882
Josh Hoffmans Garage Build
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The day began by getting all the equipment and tools necessary for the job to the site. Starting with
a slab of cement, poured weeks earlier, this would become a structure by the end of the day. The
workers are all in these pictures and a list of those are at the bottom. Give them a pat on the back.
Walls for the garage were constructed, placed in their respective positions and boarding up of the
outside walls began. In addiction a trench was dug for power to be run to the garage. By lunch time
them trusses were up.
At lunch time Motely, Josh's dog greeted everyone coming into the garage for lunch. Lunch was
provided by Jan Oldham with the help of her husband Darrel and another friend. Work continued
after lunch with siding and roofing completed around 4 PM.
While finishing up on the garage TV Fox News 17 showed up to interview Josh, Chet Teater and
Aron Bravata.
Josh looking on at the ongoing job. When Josh came out of the house to inspect and greet
everyone he had a card laying in his lap saying "Thank you Everyone".
The list of names of those that volunteered.
Aron Bravata
Dan Terrell
Chet Teater
Gary Timmermans
Bob Weber
Pete Cipponeri
Joe Grinage
Scott Cavner
Gary Marzean
Paul Davis
Dennis Peterson
Dar Dehen
Scott Baldwin
Brad Hoger
Doug Mills
Larry Schans
Bill Bravata
Bill Thornton
Jan Oldham
Darrell Oldham
Judy Flier
Bill White
The list of names of those that provided supplies and materials.
Greg @ Mastic fo Siding
Den Harteg for the Cement
Pictures provided by our on site photographer Cindy Teater.