American Legion Post 305,
Caledonia, Mi.
9546 Cherry Valley
Telephone Number 616-891-1882
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Serving Veterans, their families and the
Community for over 60 years.
January 10th 2016
Veterans Bingo
Once having gotten everyone off the buses and seated in the hall, Past Commander Chet Teater
Welcomed the Vets to the Post. Arrangements were made for those in Electric Wheel chairs to
set at the tables. Each Vet was able to have a volunteer assist them if they so desired. There
were also volunteers standing by to get drinks or other refreshments for them.
For every Bingo, that person picked an envelope. Each envelope contained money of
various denominations. It put a lot of smiles on everyone's faces.
The main course for the Vets was a Fish Fry dinner with all the trimmings, prepared
by Chief Fish Fry Cook Jerry "Spud" Huver with help from his trusted staff of
volunteers. They greatly appreciated their meal with Pizza from Three Brothers
Pizza in Middleville.
The ALR provided a sack ditty bag with socks, soap, candy, deck of playing cards,
ink pen, notepad and other  toiletries.
All in all everyone had a great
time and it seems as though the
Volunteer's may have had a
better time than the Vets.
Thank You for your time and
hard work.
Thank You to the following
local businesses for their
generous donations
Chemical Bank of Caledonia
Three Brothers Pizza of Middleville
Biggby Coffee of Caledonia
It was a good day for the Veterans of the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. 34 Vets
showed up with about half a dozen workers with them. The Legion, Auxiliary, SAI,
ALR, Military Moms, Boy Scouts and numerous folks in the community showed up to
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A Large group of Vets and